the opposite of black is red

“the opposite of black is red” 2018, painting performance.

I am obsessed with the primal physicality of painting. In this piece, I wanted to express the honest desire of mark-making through painting. Similar to the abstract expressionists’ idea of making the painting about the paint; however, unlike them, my painting is more about the physical gesture rather than the residue of paint left on the canvas. Through performance, I painted at the presence of the viewers and share the moment of touch on canvas.I used my hair as brush, dipped in black ink and painted on a 2x3m red wall. With the witness of the audience, I crawled up and down on the wall blindfolded and created marks spontaneously with my head.

The title and the color choice are based on a childhood story. When I was four, I had a passionate debate with my kindergarten classmates. I believed that the opposite of black is white, while two of my classmates insisted that the opposite of black is red. I thought they were obviously wrong, but they claimed that they were right because there were two of them versus one me. In the end, I stopped arguing with them and thought they were completely stupid. Many years later from then, I rethought the argument and questioned my point of view. Maybe the opposite of black is red.